Likha Gold Medal Awardees

Likha Gold Medal Award is the highest distinction to be bestowed upon a fellow, who has adhered to the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct, practiced in excellence and prestige the architectural profession, has rendered distinguished contribution and service to the UAP, and has performed exceptional achievements and active participation in the concern of the community, government and country.

Year Awardee
2017 13th Likha Awardee Prosperidad C. Luis, FUAP
2014 12th Likha Awardee Yolanda David-Reyes, FUAP
2013 11th Likha Awardee Froilan L. Hong, FUAP
2009 10th Likha Awardee Norberto M. Nuke, FUAP
2006 9th Likha Awardee Edilberto F. Florentino, FUAP
2005 8th Likha Awardee Geronimo V. Manahan, FUAP
2003 7th Likha Awardee Francisco T. Manosa, FUAP
2000 6th Likha Awardee Angel Lazaro, Jr., FUAP
1996 5th Likha Awardee Manuel T. Manosa, FUAP
1995 4th Likha Awardee Cesar V. Canchela, FUAP
1990 3rd Likha Awardee Gabriel P. Formoso, FUAP
1987 2nd Likha Awardee Leandro V. Locsin, FUAP
1982 1st Likha Awardee Felipe M. Mendoza, FUAP