National President


UAP National President, Fiscal Year 2016-2017, 2017-2018

It may not be a classic story and one for the books, but our Architect Hisancha’s life story might be one which could inspire others to try to succeed by the examples of hard work, perseverance and determination. The struggles, pains and sacrifices he experienced has motivated him to high aspirations.

His architectural professional experiences and achievements as well as his political success is unprecedented and a rarity for architects not only in the Province and City of Iloilo but in the entire country as well.

Architect Hisancha concurrently serves as Head of the UIA Region IV (Asia and Australia) Public Health Work Programme for year 2014-2017. He also served as UAP Area C Vice President for the Visayas (Area C), Executive Director of the UAP Commission on Governmental and External Affairs, District Director of UAP District C4, Deputy District Director of UAP District C4, Deputy Project Director for District C4 UAP Task Force RA 9266, Deputy District Director- Operations for UAP - RD-C2, Member of the UAP National Committee on Nominations, Vice President for Operations of UAP RD-C2, and Two-time Elected UAP Iloilo Chapter President, among others.

Elevated to the UAP College of Fellows in Year 2005, our Architect Hisancha is also a recipient of various titles, citations and awards in the practice of profession. He was conferred the Titles “ASEAN ARCHITECT” in 2014, and “APEC ARCHITECT” in year 2010, “One of the Outstanding Men of Iloilo”, in 2011, University of San Agustin Alumni Achievement Award” In Architecture – Field of Science and Technology, “Outstanding Alumni of the New Millennium Award” by Iloilo National High School Alumni Associations, “ Distinguished Alumnus in the Field of Architecture” by University of San Agustin, and “Outstanding Alumni in the Field of Architecture” by Iloilo National High School.

The desire to help is second nature to Architect Hisancha. Having come from a rural community in Pavia, Iloilo, he has an advocacy and penchant in life helping others. This passion for service became an avenue for Architect Hisancha to join politics. Having touched and won the hearts and trust of so many people, and known for his integrity and credibility he was easily Municipal Councilor in 1998, and overwhelmingly topped the councilor’s race in 2001 by a wide record breaking margin. The call to serve his kasimanwas in Iloilo, proved too strong to resist to this gentleman. In the year 2004, he ran and won as Vice Mayor of the Municipality of Pavia in Iloilo. In 2007, he ran unopposed in his re-election and again in 2010 elections, he ran for his third and last term as vice mayor and won overwhelmingly.

After his third term as Vice Mayor in 2013, Architect Hisancha decided and preferred to go back and continue his private architectural practice while still continuing his passion for service on a different plane - inspiring and enabling others to also achieve, as he is passionate about giving back his blessings to the people and his community.

In this, he was able to accomplish pro-bono charitable and religious projects as his corporate social responsibility (CSR) share, like the SOS Youth Girls Home, for unfortunate kids in Tagbak, Jaro, Iloilo, a Community Disaster Facility called Mustard Seed granted by foreign donors to a poor community in Jibao-an, Pavia, Iloilo, the restoration of the century old brick church in his hometown Pavia, Iloilo, construction of Associates of St. Therese Retreat House and designed also some barangay chapels, waiting sheds and elementary school buildings in his locality.

As of this date and close to 30 years of professional practice, his architectural firm was able to successfully accomplish beautiful projects and landmarks ranging from government and institutional buildings, hotels, museum, restoration of Iloilo significant buildings like the Old Iloilo Provincial Capitol, Old Iloilo Provincial Jail converted to a National Museum, Churches, hospitals, commercial buildings, school buildings, apartment buildings, chapels, religious and retreat houses, gymnasiums, warehouses, boutiques, restaurants, numerous small, medium and large scale residential projects, in various parts of the province and City of Iloilo and other parts of the country.

Architect Hisancha is happily married to Mrs. Madeline Beltran Hisancha and gifted with two kids. Raiza, a Medical Student and Ralph, an Architecture Student.

He believes that the pure and ultimate success in life is not through the measure of wealth and fame, as they will vanish and cease to exist, but rather by the immortal legacy of having a kind and lasting impressions of goodwill to the people and community.

He also holds the record of being the First UAP National President to hold the three titles such as FUAP, APEC Architect, ASEAN Architect prior to his incumbency.

Recently, Architect Hisancha was conferred Doctor Fellow of Royal Institute of Architects (DFRIA) by Royal Institution Singapore, a prestigious professional title in recognition of Architect Hisancha’s significant qualifications, achievements, professionalism and proven track records. The conferment was held during the Royal Institution’s 10th International Conference and Conferment Ceremony last April 8, 2017 at Marco Polo Plaza Cebu, Cebu City, Philippines.