CPD Providers

Accreditation No: 2009-001

Classification: Corporation

Address: UAP Building, No. 53 Scout Rallos Street, Barangay Laging Handa, Quezon City

Email Address: cpd@united-architects.org

Telephone No.: +632 888-9266 local 1303

Fax No.: +632 372-1796

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Other CPD Providers

Accreditation No: 2017-016

Classification: Individual

Address: JCV St. Cor. Tinio St., San Rafael Homesite, San Rafael, Tarlac City 2300

Contact Person: Mr. Mariano Roque S. Senga | Ms. Maria Corazon T. Senga

Position: President

Email Address: mrssengajr@pup.edu.ph

Telephone No.: 03-456280416

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Accreditation No: 2016-006 (Mechanical Engineeri

Contact Person: Engr. Tito L. Brizuela, Jr.

Telephone No.: 0919-687-2229/ 0926-729-3317

Accreditation No: 2017-033

Contact Person: Mary G. Lariosa

Telephone No.: (082) 221-0257

Accreditation No: 2018-049

Classification: Firm, Partnership, Corporation

Address: 4F Fortune Bldg., 144 Pasig Blvd., Bagong Ilog, Pasig City 1600

Contact Person: Ar. Michael Bernardo

Email Address: customerservice@skycon.ph

Telephone No.: 532-1130 to 32

Accreditation No: 2017-013

Classification: Firm, Partnership, Corporation

Address: 399 Ground Floor, Enzo Bldg., Sen. Gen. Puyat Ave., Makati City

Contact Person: Denise Ayado, Loralee Baron Soong

Position: Executive Director

Telephone No.: 478-46-11 loc. 107

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Accreditation No: 2018-030

Contact Person: Ms. Emma C. Fernandez

Position: Director and Vice-President

Telephone No.: 0917-8004-173

Accreditation No: 2018-037

Contact Person: Kevin Raymund F. Samson

Telephone No.: 0922-899-5389/ 286-6671

Accreditation No: 2018-023 (Chemistry)

Contact Person: Ms. Yehlen M. Salilid/ Mr. Alberto S. Sillo

Telephone No.: 0916-6414-509/ 0917-562-6251

Accreditation No: 2018-050

Classification: Firm, Partnership, Corporation

Address: 126 Aguirre Ave., BF Homes, Parańaque City

Contact Person: Ms. Marte A. Perez

Telephone No.: 842-7499 loc. 121