2020 UAP Annual National Elections Guidelines

June 10, 2020 | By: UAP COMELEC



1.  Purpose

The purpose of the Campaign Guidelines is to set the rules that shall govern election campaigning and to provide the Commission on Election with guidelines for dealing with campaign violations, complaints, sanctions, and appeals.

It is expected that all candidates will conduct their campaigns in an honest and ethical manner, with particular consideration for the rights and privileges of fellow candidates.

2. Definition of Campaigning 

Campaigning is defined as promoting one’s candidacy to the UAP general membership.  This includes but is not limited to speeches and campaigning.  Additional campaigning activities will be at the discretion of the COMELEC. Campaigning should highlight:

a. Presentation of the personal qualifications and accomplishments of the candidates;

b. Discussing a candidate’s stand on issues; and

c. Discussing a candidate’s goals and objectives

3. General Guidelines

a. Rules are meant to ensure fairness, keep order, and preserve the integrity of the UAP election.  In general, candidates should try to maintain the “spirit of the campaign” which is an atmosphere of friendly competition with others and respect for the election process.

b. All candidates are responsible for their campaigns, which includes others whom they know are campaigning for them.  It is the responsibility of all candidates to know the campaign rules and to ensure that their campaign helpers follow the rules.

c. Campaigns should not violate any existing provisions of the UAP By-laws, COMELEC rules or policy or destructively interfere with:

  1. The COMELEC’s job to run the election and preserve its integrity.
  2. 2. Other candidate’s campaigns.

d. No candidate may begin campaigning before the time set by the Commission on Elections as the start of official campaigning. For the 2020 Annual National Elections, campaign period commences on JUNE 11, 2020, THURSDAY, 8:00 AM AND ENDS ON JUNE 22, 2020, MONDAY, 5:00 PM.

e. Candidates may be allowed to form groups, teams or parties in order to exercise fairness to all candidates. 

f. The UAP COMELEC shall publish the official list of candidates and all related materials in all UAP online platforms (Official FB Accounts, website, YouTube).

4. Candidates’ Forum (AREAS) via Zoom or other online platforms

A Candidates Forum via Zoom/other online platforms in every Area may be scheduled or arranged by the COMELEC Area Representatives;

The COMELEC Area Representative shall present the Official Candidates, in alphabetical order, from lower to higher positions;

Candidates for the office of the National President will present his or her statements for a maximum time of five (5) minutes, visual presentations, if any, shall be part of the maximum time allotted, COMELEC sanctioned forum/fora.

Candidates for all other offices will present his or her statement for a maximum of three (3) minutes, visual presentations, if any, included. After all statements from the candidates are completed, the COMELEC Area Representative is responsible for closing the Candidates Forum.

5. Statement of Commitment

a. All Official Candidates to the National Positions are required to sign the Statement of Commitment to commit themselves to make the election transparent, honest, clean and democratic. This shall be sent to the official email account of the COMELEC.



1. Designation of Place, Time and Date of Election

a. For the 2020 UAP Annual National Election, transmittal of ballots from Chapters, Chapter Presidents and National Board of Directors to the official UAP COMELEC email account shall be UNTIL 12:00 NN OF JUNE 23, 2020.

Note: Only the first transmitted ballot shall be recognized by the COMELEC.

b. The transmittal of ballots shall be made through online using the official email account of UAP Commission on Elections: uapcomelec2020@yahoo.com .

c. The Committee on Accreditation shall open the official COMELEC email account (uapcomelec2020@yahoo.com) at 1:00 PM JUNE 23, 2020 to retrieve and open all the ballots receive for printing.

2. Dissemination of Ballots to Chapters

a. Official Ballots will be disseminated to Chapter Presidents (for the Chapter Vote and Chapter President’s Vote) and NBD Members (for NBD Vote) on or before MONDAY, JUNE 15, 2020 to the official email accounts of Chapter Presidents and NBD Members.

b. Chapter Presidents and NBD members are advised to update or send their respective email addresses to UAP COMELEC on or before SATURDAY, JUNE 13, 2020.

3. Canvassing, Tallying and Counting of Votes 

a. All ballots will be printed under the supervision of the Committee on Accreditation and, afterwards, turned over to the Committee on Canvassing where the counting of the ballots shall commence.

b. Prior to the start of the canvassing of the ballots, the Committee on Canvassing shall publicly see to it the total ballots transmitted and received by the COMELEC on JUNE 23, 2020 2:00 PM.

c. The canvassing will be held at the 6th Floor of the UAP National Headquarters Building, Quezon City under the direct supervision of the UAP COMELEC through the Committee on Canvassing (with no more than 10 persons pursuant to social distancing guidelines).

Necessary health and safety protocols shall be strictly observed.

d. The COMELEC shall resolve any challenged ballots, if possible, before any ballot envelopes are opened and the counting begins. The COMELEC should keep a record of decisions made and explain the reason for each voter eligibility decision to observers.

e. The Committee on Canvassing shall take charge of the canvassing, counting and tallying of votes

4. Reason for Failure to Count Ballots

At ballot counting, only the COMELEC shall determine if a ballot is void or not. Ballots with identifying marks shall be considered void. The disqualified ballot will be signed by the Chairman on Canvassing and reason for disqualification.

5. Resolution of Ties

When two (2) or more candidates garnered the same number of votes for any position, COMELEC after officially recording this fact, shall break the tie by toss coin. In case of ties for 3 candidates - draw lots.

6. Certification of Election Results

After the completion of canvassing, the election results shall be duly certified by the Chair and Members of the Committee on Canvassing and the Chair of COMELEC and shall be submitted as the official record in the secretariat under the responsibility of the Secretary General.  All election documents shall be properly secured and properly turned-over to the UAP National Administration Office.



1. Proclamation of Winners

The Chair of COMELEC shall officially proclaim the winners in the Elections as duly certified, immediately after the canvassing on JUNE 23, 2020.

2. Protest

Any protest contesting the result of the Elections shall be filed within the forty eight (48) hours after the proclamation of the winning candidates. The protest shall be filed with COMELEC in writing through the official UAP COMELEC email address which is  limited only on the objections to the conduct or results of the election accompanied by specific allegations that if proven true would have a probable impact on the outcome of the election.

After the required forty eight (48) hours and no protest had been filed, the proclamation of the winning candidates by the COMELEC shall become final and irrefutable/executory.

3. Induction of Newly-elected Officers

The Induction of the newly-elected officers shall be done on or before July 1. The Induction of the newly-elected officers shall be under the auspices of the incumbent National Board of Directors.


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