8th Edition of the International VELUX Awards

February 8, 2018 | By: UIA

The UIA is happy to announce its sponsorship of the 8th Edition of the International VELUX Awards. The IVA is a biannual international student ideas competition organised around the theme, “Light of Tomorrow”. Participants are asked examine the future of daylight in the built environment, a topic that lends itself to imaginative, inventive and experimental approaches to the question of the role daylight plays in our daily lives.
The IVA “seeks to widen the boundaries of daylight in architecture, including aesthetics, functionality, sustainability, and the interaction between buildings and environment. »

Participants may choose between two focus areas:

1. Daylight in buildings

Projects that demonstrate applicable principles for providing daylight and sunlight into buildings – including the effects of building construction and context of the site, shape and dimensions, window openings, screens, shadings, interior divisions, materials and external conditions.

Specific focus on architecture for health and well-being and projects that address challenges faced by cities, communities and modern societies, and where daylight and architecture can help create change through better and healthier living environments.

2. Daylight investigations

Projects that look at the physical properties of light, basics of optics and materials, as well as technological developments, new materials, storage or transportation of daylight.
The use of daylight in public space for functional, recreational, cultural or spiritual use and the effect of daylight on state of mind, health and well-being as well as the dynamics and temporal quality of daylight and its effects on behaviour and spaces over time and seasons.

The Awards are organised globally in two stages: in the first phase, regional prizes will be awarded to projects from the UIA member regions 1) Western Europe, 2) Eastern Europe and the Middle East, 3) the Americas, 4) Asia + Oceania and 5) Africa. In the second phase, prizes will be awarded to overall winners.

The award is not restricted to the use of VELUX products. Innovative thinking and use of specific VELUX components as daylight providers will however be within the scope of the award and the jury will be allowed to give special prizes to the best projects.


Participation is open to any registered student of architecture – individual or team – all over the world. We encourage multi-disciplinary teams including e.g. engineering, design and landscaping. Every student or student team must be backed and granted submission by a teacher from a school of architecture.

The award welcomes projects from individuals or groups of students, who are students during the study year 2017/18.

There is no limit to the number of entries from each school, but participating schools should ensure the quality of submitted study projects, e.g. by making a prejudgment. VELUX employees cannot participate.

evaluation criteria

The jury will evaluate the projects in accordance with the following criteria:
The work with daylighting as a premise for architecture
How the project is researched and documented
How the project addresses contemporary and future challenges
The level of experimentation and innovation
The overall graphic presentation of the project, how the project presents itself.

For more information, please see: http://iva.velux.com

01 September 2017

Registration deadline
01 April 2018

Submission Deadline
15 October 2018

Results Announcement

The members of the International Jury are:

• RCR Arquitectes, 2017 Pritzker Prize winners (Spain)
• Rick Joy, Rick Joy Architects (USA)
• Li Hu, OPEN Architecture (China)
• Sasa Begovic, 3LHD architects (Croatia)
• Martin Pors Jepsen, vice president of VELUX Innovation Center (Denmark)

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