ARCASIA Travel Prize 2018: Kumiki

May 15, 2018 | By: Arcasia


The ARCASIA Travel Prize in Architecture is the travel and research scholarship given to Young Architects of ARCASIA (40 years and under) who are members of the architect institute of their country. The prize aims to promote research in selected fields of study, encourage cross border education as well as foster cultural exchange between nations and institutes. Sponsored by NS Bluescope (Thailand), this year is the third year of the ARCASIA Travel Prize.

For 2018, the ARCASIA Travel Prize will enable Young Architects to travel and conduct design research in Japan on the topic of wood materials and techniques. Hida - a region 300 kilometers west of Tokyo - will be the primary location for conducting the Travel Prize design research. Hida is a rich and abundant natural and cultural landscape consisting of forests, mountainous environment, townscape and KUMIKI – the traditional wood joinery and craft renowned throughout the world.

During their stay in Hida, 3 awardees will participate in an intensive training course on wood materials. They will be provided guidance and will be required to actively engage with local skills and materials. Featured activities include sketching, photography, design, fabrication, prototyping and wood tooling while working individually and collectively with the local resources and environment.

Three (3) young architects will be awarded - one each from the three (3) zones of ARCASIA. ARCASIA will organize and provide travel and expenses to the winners for the purpose of travel and study in Japan. During their stay in Japan, the three Awardees shall conduct research under the guidance of Japanese experts and craftsmen.

The three awardees will then present their work at the end of their stay in Hida and in Tokyo at the ACA 18 (18th Asian Congress of Architects) Conference.

The period of travel for the awardees is scheduled from September 1 to 14, 2018.

Applicants will research thoroughly on Hida, local workshop tools and facilities. To apply, submit 1) a detailed proposal outlining either a design-build project or research project on wood materials and techniques, to be conducted and completed by the Applicant during the period of stay in Hida.

The proposal shall explore Hida’s traditional or modern wood working techniques, as well as demonstrate the Applicant’s intent at exchanging knowledge in his/her local wood culture with that of Japan. The applicant may conduct the project individually or propose collaboration with local crafts people.

The applicant shall also submit 2) a detailed CV highlighting his/her educational and professional background, projects, experiences and activities pertaining to this year’s Travel Prize, and 3) official membership to architecture institute of his/her home country.

Three winners will be selected by representatives from members of ARCASIA’s and Travel Prize committees based on the merit of the submissions. Applicants are responsible for travel and visa requirements for Japan.

Sannah Ejaz: Architect, Teaching Professional, Honorary Treasurer, ARCASIA – Islamabad
Keisuke Maeda: Architect, Founder, UID Architects – Fukuyama
Tan Szue Hann: Head of Sustainability, Surbana Jurong, ACYA Chairman – Singapore
Luke Yeung: Principal, Architectkidd – Bangkok
Bea Vithayathawornwong: Design Director, Beautbureau - Bangkok

Submit your application to:

- Deadline for Submissions: May 22, 2018
- Announcement of Winners: June 1, 2018
- Travel period to Hida, Japan: September 1-11, 2018
- Presentation and attendance at ACA18 Tokyo: September 11-14, 2018
- ARCASIA reserves the right to revise scheduled dates as necessary

ACA 18 Tokyo:
FabCafe Hida :
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