Arch. Liyo C. Cefre to receive the 2018 PRC's Outstanding Professional of the Year Award

May 14, 2018 | By: UAP Keeping You Posted

Architect Liyo C. Cefre has been recently chosen by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) as the 2018 Outstanding Professional of the Year in the field of Architecture. Architect Cefre is the current Chairman of the UAP Special Committee on Architects Working Abroad for MENA.

The Outstanding Professional of the Year Award is the “highest award bestowed by the Commission upon a professional as recommended by his/her peers for having amply demonstrated professional competence of the highest degree and conducted meaningfully in professional activities through the professional organization, contributed significantly to the advancement of the profession, and contributed significantly to the effective discharge of the profession’s social responsibility through meaningful contribution or participation in socio-related activities,” according to the PRC.

Architect Leo Cefre is the General Manager (A) of MLC group of companies based in Saudi Arabia with 15 international joint ventures around the globe that received a Guinness World Record award. His exposure to this industry makes him have a vast knowledge on the design of oil and gas industries, power plants, oil refineries, substations, and desalination plants. Apart of being employed abroad, he is also a private professional practitioner both local and overseas for the design and construction of various residential, institutional, and health structures. Without forgetting the influences of his motherland, he applies vernacular design to some of his projects.

Ar. Leo is from the United Architects of the Philippines Middle East and Northern Africa Coordinating Council (UAP MENA-CC). He initiated the formation of the Master Builders Association of the Philippines (MBAP-EPC) in Saudi Arabia which is a group of both licensed and unlicensed architects to suffice the UAP’s absence in the country at that time. The association’s purpose was to act as a gateway to bring the Architecture Licensure Examinations (ALE) in Saudi Arabia and Ar. Leo played a vital role in this petition which was then granted and approved by the former Philippine President Gloria Arroyo as Executive Order 0835, benefiting many OFWs who aspire to become registered and licensed professionals back in 2009. He also spearheaded review sessions for the board-takers which are still taking place until this very day.

Through his dedication and unrelenting service in Saudi Arabia, Arch. Leo has become a social figure especia­lly in the Filipino community, making him a staple name in the set of officers of influential professional organizations in the country like the Philippine Professional Organization and the United Architects of the Philippines – MENA Chapter. He is PRC’s Most Outstanding Professional (Architect) Special Citation Award and No. 1 Most Outstanding Migrant Worker.

Arch. Leo was born and raised in one of the most isolated islands in Bolinao, Pangasinan. He is a graduate of BS Architecture in Far Eastern University. He took his MA degree in Business Administration at the Philippine Christian University – Middle East and earned his PhD on Business Management in April 2015. He is the first Filipino in the Middle East North Africa region to become an ASEAN Architect.

The awarding ceremonies will be held during the PRC AWARDS Night on June 21, 2018 at the Fiesta Pavillion, Manila Hotel. 


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