Arch. Maria Carmen S. Yatco takes oath as new member of CPD Council for Architecture

September 23, 2019 | By: UAP Keeping You Posted

Immediate Past District Director for A5, Arch. Maria Carmen S. Yatco formally took her oath as new member of the Continuing Professional Development Council for Architecture on September 23, 2019 at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC). The said oath taking was administered by Chairman Teofilo S. Pilando, Jr. and witnessed by Commissioners Hon. Yolanda D. Reyes, Hon. Jose Y. Cueto, Jr., and PRBOA Chairman Robert S. Sac.

Architect Yatco serves as the official representative of the UAP to the CPD Council for Architecture.

According to Republic Act No. 10912 otherwise known as the “Continuing Professional Development Act of 2016” CPD Council is a body created to promote and ensure the continuous improvement of professionals, in accordance with national, regional and international standards of practice. A CPD Council in each of the regulated professions, which shall be under the supervision of the concerned PRB. Every CPD Council shall be composed of a chairperson and two (2) members. The chairperson of the CPD Council shall be the member of the PRB so chosen by the PRB concerned to sit in the CPD Council.

The powers, functions and responsibilities of the CPD Council include: (a) Ensure the adequate and appropriate provision of CPD Programs for their respective profession; (b) Evaluate and act on applications for accreditation of CPD Providers and their CPD Programs; (c) Monitor and evaluate the implementation of the CPD Programs; (d) Assess and/or upgrade the criteria for accreditation of CPD Providers and their CPD Programs on a regular basis; (e) Develop mechanisms for the validation, accreditation and recognition of self-directed learning, prior/informal learning, online learning, and other learning processes through professional work experience; (f) Conduct researches, studies and benchmarking for international alignment of the CPD Programs; (g) Issue operational guidelines, with the approval of the PRC and the PRB concerned; and (h) Perform such other functions related or incidental to the implementation of the CPD. According to the CPD law,the CPD is made as a mandatory requirement in the renewal of the PICs of all registered and licensed professionals under the regulation of the PRC.

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