Cefre, Alli honored during PRC Awards Night

June 23, 2018 | By: UAP Keeping You Posted

Two distinguished members of the United Architects of the Philippines were honored during the PRC Awards Night held last 21 June 2018 at the Fiesta Pavilion, Manila Hotel.

Former Chairman of the Board of Architecture, Arch. Armando N. Alli was recognized as the 2018 Outstanding Professional of the Year in the field of Environmental Planning while UAP Committee on Architects Working Abroad Chairman Arch. Liyo Celi Cefre was honored as the 2018 Outstanding Professional of the Year in the field of Architecture. 

The Outstanding Professional of the Year award is the highest award bestowed by the Commission upon a professional for having sufficiently demonstrated professional competence of the highest degree, conducted herself with integrity in the exercise of her profession, and significantly contributed to the advancement of the profession and to the effective discharge of the profession’s social responsibility through meaningful participation in socio-related activities.

In addition, Architect Cefre has been short-listed and nominated with four other professionals, for the Nubla Excellence Award, given to an OPY awardee who excels not only in her profession but also in her contribution and impact to society. 

Architect Cefre was recognized for this distinguished contributions in the field of Architecture, his exemplar service in his profession such as showing exemplary leadership in the Middle East and North African nations, aiding in the unity of each chapter which allowed countless Filipino architects in becoming full-pledged architects; and playing avital role in the petition for the annual architecture licensure examinations abroad which was granted and approved by the Philippine President resulting to EO 835, benefitting many OFWs who aspire to become registered and licensed professional through SPLBE back in 2009, show his commitment and professionalism in his field.. His competence, excellence, and commendable track records have earned him various awards and recognition such as Special Citation Award as Outstanding Professional in the field of Architecture 2015 by the PRC, No. 1 2015 Most Outstanding Migrant Worker Award by the Philippine Embassy, POLO-ERO and All Filipino Community Committee Organizations in KSA Eastern Province, and 1st Filipino ASEAN Architect in the Middle East and North African nations. As a member of the UAP-MENA Chapter, ASEAN Architects, and Eastern Regional Organization for Planning and Human Settlements (EAROPH), his relentless dedication to the organization/s is a testament of his outstanding career.

Meanwhile Architect and Environmental Planner Alli was accorded such honor for his active engagement in the sub-fields of the environmental planning profession, encompassing comprehensive land-water-air use planning (CLWAUP); the crafting of zoning ordinances (ZOs)/development controls (DCs); sustainable land reclamation planning; settlement/tourism planning; the preparation of various studies for public infrastructure (including transportation-related PPP-BOT-ODA-JVA projects), planning information dissemination; and environmental planning curriculum development. EnP Alli proactively promotes the following complementing notions: 1) that environmental planning and building/grounds design, being closely intertwined disciplines, must always work together; and 2) that the programmed densification/repurposing of built-areas shall help ensure future food and water security for future generations.