My `lockdown` experience

May 13, 2020 | By: Arch. Edric Marco C. Florentino, FUAP (as published in The Manila Times last May 12, 2020)



LOCKDOWN is a protocol enforced by the authorities to a person or to a community to restrict mobility. When imposed on a bigger and wider scale like a “community lockdown,” it immediately suggests a martial law-like atmosphere.

Surprisingly, in today’s scenario, the lockdown rule that was implemented by the authorities has a positive effect on many people. People accepted it without protests or rallies. I guess people were properly educated on the negative outcome of the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) if they would not take part in this community lockdown.

The Covid-19 pandemic is now in our midst, not only locally, but also globally. Governments all over the world are requiring all its citizens to apply the lockdown protocol by requiring everyone to stay at home. This protocol has a much greater positive effect on people who are obeying it but to those who are not obeying this protocol, they may be affected by the virus at the worst.

Let us look at some people in the Bible who experienced a “lockdown” to a certain extent, and this gave them a positive outcome.

In Noah’s time, his family was on “lockdown” in the ark for 150 days. They got away from that 40 days and 40 nights of continuous flooding that killed practically all the people on Earth. The Israelites experienced an overnight lockdown during the 10th plague in Exodus 12 and got out of it safely. Their ordeal came to be celebrated as the Passover. In the New Testament, Some of Jesus’ disciples were confined in a room as they received the news from Mary and other women about Jesus’ resurrection in John 20. Jesus entered the room a number of times but, unfortunately, Thomas was not there at the first appearance of Jesus.

After having a good look at those stories above and looking at the present scenario positively, this lockdown is not so bad after all. It has given me more time to reflect on the goodness and greatness of God. Thanking Him more on the many blessings and trials that came my way. I know those were wonderful experiences with His presence.

It has provided me time to further deepen and lengthened my prayer time and study of the Scriptures. Before this lockdown, I was confined with my one-hour prayer regimen because of my schedules for the day, but during this lockdown period, I was able to double and sometimes to my surprise, triple the time.

It also gave me more time to spend at home and enjoy the gift of family that God has entrusted to me. Compared to what was before, I mostly spend my time at work and at other activities.

I may consider this lockdown experience also as a “vacation with caution,” so to speak. It helps me refresh my thoughts in giving me fresh ideas on what great things that are store for me on the coming days and, more importantly, to be more concerned with hygiene.

I am considering this present scenario as another great plan from God for my betterment and for the betterment of His kingdom.

I hope and pray that the present lockdown or the enhanced community quarantine would provide a positive output and experience to you and to your family.

Stay at home and be safe. God bless you and your family.


Profile of the Author:

Arch. Edric Marco C. Florentino is the past national president of the United Architects of the Philippines (UAP). From 1985 until today, he has taken active roles in UAP in various positions in the organization, from the chapter level to national level. Due to his unwavering works towards the objectives of the organization and the profession, he has received numerous awards and recognitions from his peers and from other organizations he has been involved with. He also led and organized the formation of a council composed of nine different professional organizations that focuses on environmental concerns and issues called the Council of the Built and Natural Environment, where he served as charter president for two years. He also served as president of the Philippine Federation of Professional Association and vice president of Architects Regional Council Asia for Zone B. He is a bona fide member of the Filipino Inventors Society since 2008.


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