Natcon 45 Frequently-Asked Questions

November 15, 2018 | By: UAP Keeping You Posted

1. Who can register for NATCON 45?

Any UAP member with updated payments/no arrears with the organization can register for NATCON 45.


2. I cannot register using my PRC number, what do I do?

Make sure to remove any “0s” in your PRC number. For example, if your PRC number is 04567, just put 4567.


3. How do I reset my password?

At the login page, click on the “Exclamation (!) Icon” at the upper right hand of the login box. Fill out the pop-up form with your correct information and click “Reset Password”. This will reset your forgotten password to “123456”. You will be asked to change your password again when you log-in.


4. How do I modify my profile details?

While logged in, double check the filled out forms and make sure that there are no blank required items. Make sure that your profile name matches your name in your PRC ID Card. If not, contact the UAP Membership Department.* Click the Data Privacy Statement and proceed to registration.

*Note that your NATCON Certificate name needs to match the name of your PRC ID/Record.


5. How Do I pay for my NATCON Registration?

You can pay Cash, Online, Over-The-Counter or via Credit Card. Except for cash, other modes of payment have respective convenience surcharges and payment periods of validity.


6. What happens if I fail to pay within the given payment period?

Login to your account again to reset your payment period. Your registration has specific hours of validity depending on the payment mode you chose. There is no limit to the number of times you may re-register to reset your payment period.

After you made your payment, your convention slot/chosen package and seminars will be locked in and become unchangeable.

Reminder: Some payment venues require client validation. Re-open the email received from Dragonpay and follow validation instructions.


7. I clicked Online / Over-The-Counter / Pay Pal as mode of payment but nothing happened, what do I do?

Turn off your pop-up blocker. Make sure to allow pop-ups from the UAP Website.


8. I did not receive any instruction email for Over-The-Counter Payment, what do I do?

Try repeating the payment process by clicking “Next Step – Payment” and click your chosen payment method.


9. Why are there no seminar choices in my schedule?

Go back to “Step 4: Registration”, click your chosen seminars, add them to your schedule by clicking “+ Add Selected Seminar(s)”


10. Can I change my Package/Seminars?

You can change your chosen package/seminars so long as you HAVEN’T PAID.

To change your package choice, go to your profile and click “Next Step – Seminar Registration”. A pop-up for the two packages should appear and you may choose your preferred NATCON Package.

To change seminar selection, go to “Step 5: Schedule and click “Change Seminar Selection”. Click “OK” to remove your current selection. At the “Step 4: Registration”, select your preferred seminar choices. Don’t forget to click “+ Add Selected Seminar(s)” to save your choices before clicking “Next Step – Seminar Schedule”.


11. Can I transfer my registration to another person?

The NATCON Registration fee is non-transferable and non-refundable.

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