New MMDA Building Complex Design Competition

June 19, 2018 | By: UAP Makati Chapter


The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority, commonly known as MMDA, is the arm of the government with a unified purpose of innovation, resiliency, sustainability, adaptability and creativity. With its years of service & existence, it meets the continuing challenges of transport decongestion, climate change, waste management and disaster prevention in order to provide a decent, quality life for the urban Manilenos. Having currently situated along EDSA cor. Orense Street, Guadalupe Makati City, the MMDA Headquarters is basically composed of the Main Office, Metro Base Building, Traffic Institute and Sports Arena. According to its officials, the existing MMDA Main Building was already reckoned as being dilapidated, making it unsafe for the people and its users. Thus, the need for a new home for the MMDA is definitely on the checklist in order to live up with its purpose and vision. Having said, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) through the initiative and joint partnership with the United Architects of the Philippines Makati Chapter spearheaded by its President, Ar. Miko Carandang, collaborated together to conduct a National Conceptual Design Competition for the New MMDA Building Complex to be located in Ortigas, Pasig City, bearing the theme, “MMDA - Moving Towards a Sustainable, Resilient, Dynamic and People-Centered Metropolis”.

MOA Signing

General Manager Jojo Garcia of MMDA graced the MOA signing for the special collaboration of MMDA and UAP Makati Chapter which was held last November 24, 2017 at the Lobby of the MMDA Main Building. He was also invited in UAP Makati’s physical unveiling and announcement of the MMDA Design Competition on that night at the Isabela Ballrooms of Shangri-La Hotel in Makati. It was a well-attended event witnessed by the UAP Makati Board of Directors, UAP National officers, the general membership of UAP Makati, honored guests, National Artists and some members of the press and media. This grand and meaningful occasion also celebrated the 40th founding anniversary of UAP Makati.

From the grand launch in November, posters and media circulation for the design competition went full blast through various social media platforms in December 2017. The partnership was an effective avenue to create a buzz in the urban society and awaken all Filipino Architects world-wide to show their love for our country by providing MMDA a bigger and brighter future to look forward to.

Deadline for the submission of entries was set on January 15, 2018, which was opened to all licensed architects, individual or team/firm with at least five (5) years working experience and a member of United Architects of the Philippines.

Preliminary Judging

April 07, 2018 (Saturday) – Preliminary judging for the MMDA Conceptual Design Competition was held at the 2nd floor of MMDA Main Building in Guadalupe, Makati City. It was indeed an overwhelming moment to have gathered around more than 30 entries for the design competition, a healthy composition of noteworthy design firms, up and coming firms, independent architectural consortiums, and a number of firms/teams engaging in architectural practice abroad. The event was graced by UAP Makati President Ar. Michael S. Carandang, UAPMC Board of Directors with the assistance of the MMDA. UAP Makati Past Presidents, Ar. Marietta B. Segovia and Ar. Philip H. Recto were invited to join the panel of judges, along with MMDA officials to determine who will make it to the Top 10. They were also joined by UAP National Officer Ar. Jessie Batol, Committee Chairman for Design Competition under the Commission on Professional Practice.

There were more or less a total of 300 design entry boards submitted by all the participants. The selection process was so intense since there were a lot of promising designs for the New MMDA Building Complex. It gave the judges a very hard time to evaluate all of the entries. Ar. Nanette and Ar. Philip took time to scrutinize all of the submitted presentations from site planning to building plan, function, utilities and services. Below were the criteria for the basis of scoring by the judges for the design competition:

1) Design Concept & Originality – 30%
2) Sustainability & Innovation – 30%
3) Feasibility & Viability – 30%
4) Creativity and Aesthetics – 10%

The judging started at 10:00 AM which reached until 6:00 PM. 10 best entries were selected to make up the Top 10. The list of the Top 10 was according to their registry numbers (not by ranking):

1) 2018102 - Arch. Daryl Van D. Abaygar
2) 2018107 - The LOYARC PROJECT
3) 2018114 – HANDStudio
4) 2018116 - UAP Shanghai Team B
5) 2018117 - Space Fabrik
6) 2018120 - Buensalido Architects
7) 2018122 - Gan, Louwie & Associates
8) 2018123 - UAP Shanghai Team A
9) 2018131 - 4AD Architectural Design
10) 2018133 - ARCH HAUS Asia

Upon selection, the finalist were requested to submit a short animation or walkthrough of their entry for the public exhibit that was held in the Special Hall of the MMDA Main Building on April 20, 2018, which was also the day of the final judging.

Final Judging

April 20, 2018 (Friday) – The final judging of MMDA Conceptual Design Competition was again held at the 2nd floor of MMDA Main Building in Guadalupe, Makati City. UAP Makati Chapter President Michael Carandang together with his Board of Directors, MMDA Chairman Danilo Lim, Past Presidents of UAP Makati namely Ar. Marietta B. Segovia, Ar. Philip Recto & Ar. Jaime Hermogenes, UAP National Head/Exec. Director of Commission on Professional Practice Ar. Cesar G. Aljama, UAP Committee Chair for Design Competition Ar. Jessie Batol, officials of MMDA, the staffs/employees of MMDA. This time the event was made more exciting as we were also joined by the architects of Top 10 entries.

The lobby of MMDA Main Building became alive and vibrant, as it was filled up with guests and the area was transformed into an exhibition hall for the Top 10 entries. At this point, it came to a revelation and all architects were introduced one by one to the public, to let them be made known who the passionate designers of each entry were. MMDA employees were also given a special twist in the competition, a golden chance to vote for the best entry according to their liking – the voice of the users themselves!

Ar. Jaime Hermogenes - Past President of UAP Makati, Ar Cesar Aljama and Ar. Jessie Batol – officers from UAP National Hq and the officials of MMDA including the Chairman Danilo Lim were the panel of judges for the final leg of the design competition.

The Final judging started at 1:00 PM and were finished at 5:00 PM. There was a healthy deliberation among the judges, discussing the pro’s and con’s of every entry. Design considerations, user functionalities, aesthetic appeal, feasibility costs, and all that should be put into the New MMDA Building Complex, were thrown at the table in order to arrive with coming up on who would be the best entry in the competition.


April 25, 2018 – While it was a big day for society to catch Avengers: Infinty War on screen, We, in UAP Makati Chapter, architects nationwide and the MMDA were excited to know who will be the Grand Winner of the MMDA Conceptual Design Competition.

The awarding was held in the MMDA Auditorium Building in Guadalupe, Makati City, which was just right across the MMDA Main Building. Members of the Media & Press were invited to cover the said event. It was attended by UAP Makati headed by Ar. Michael Carandang and his Board of Directors and all of the judges of the design competition as well as the officials of MMDA headed by Chairman Danilo Lim. Of course this day would not be complete as the architects & teams of the Top 10 entries were also present on this special day.

We waited for everyone to get settled in before starting the event proper at 2:00 PM. To further increase the anticipation and excitement, we had to hear some final words from UAP Makati & MMDA. Thus, Chapter President Michael Carandang and MMDA Chairman Danilo Lim had their piece separately on stage. Thankful enough for the efforts and passion that everyone gave into this successful event, the video presentations were once again flashed to the audience before announcing the Big Winner.

After all the tedious discussions and meticulous judging, being in the Top 10 was in essence being a winner already at that, because what they have given were beyond love and passion for our country. But of course, there could only be One. The Grand winner for the MMDA Design Competition went to Ar. Daryl Van Abaygar of UAP Manila Alcaldia Chapter. He was the lone individual entry to be in the Top 10, with his winning design entitled “SOLIHIYA MODERNO” which bagged the best design for the MMDA Complex. His design speaks that of an evolved concept of traditional Filipinism translated into sustainable, urban modernity which will foster a good working environment, ensure proper health and responsibility for the MMDA to work safely and efficiently.

The surprises for that afternoon had not yet ended because MMDA gave a very delightful twist. Aside from the Grand Winner which they almost tripled the prize, they were generous enough to grant another special cash prize, which echoed the heart and soul of MMDA – and this was the Employee’s Choice Award, awarded to the winning entry, KASKAD, a straightforward concept of resiliency, sustainability and transparency of service to all, designed by the LOYARCT Project, which garnered 50% of the total votes from all MMDA employees.

In essence, the MMDA Design Competition is about many realizations. It’s not a competition to please the hunger of elitist architecture, nor is it a contest to satisfy the expectations of society. It is an awareness for society to start and be part of something big and beneficial for everyone in the future. For UAP Makati & UAP, it is a patriotic awakening to Filipino Architects to make a difference and respond to our nation’s need to provide a befitting and sustainable environment to our citizens who provide dedicated service to our country. In the eyes of the MMDA, it is a bright beginning to gradually achieve their longed dreams of a safe and secured environment which could serve and give even more to the urban public in their decades of service…that through this meaningful undertaking, the MMDA’s Mission & Vision could now arrive at a full circle with a spark of hope not only for themselves but for everyone.

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