PRC-CPDAS goes online

July 3, 2018 | By: PRC

The Continuing Professional Development Accreditation System (CPDAS) is an online system which will enable the fast application and approval of CPD providers and programs. This will also enable the providers to submit their seminar attendances through electronic means. Providers can also track the status of their application through the website and will be updated via email.

The first phase of CPDAS implementation aims to:

To shorten the processing time of accrediting CPD providers and programs
To provide information on the status of a CPD Provider’s application as well as their programs in real time.
To give fast and up to date response regarding the approved CPD providers and programs as seen on the CPDAS website; and
To provide CPD Councils with easier access in evaluating applications at their most convenient time
The CPDAS website went online last 04 May 2018. CPD applicants with valid Certificate of Accreditation will be given until 31 December 2018 to enroll into the system without the required documents or paying the prescribed fee. After enrollment, they will be provided with an Accreditation Number and initial three (3) year validity on their accreditation.

CPD Providers and applicants, professionals as well as the CPD Council and Secretariat will surely benefit from the newly implemented system. It will lessen the duration of processing accreditation applications; provide easier access to the approved CPD programs and improve their technological resource. Through the CPDAS, professionals can easily view approved providers and programs, as well as certificate details ready for printing.

For more information on CPDAS, you may visit this link:

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