UAP logo now officially registered with the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines

May 20, 2020 | By: UAP Keeping You Posted

The official corporate logo of the United Architects of the Philippines (UAP) is now officially registered with the Intellectual Property.

It may be recalled that the term of Architect Felipe M. Mendoza saw the selection of the present logo as he issued UAP Circular 79-01 dated December 20, 1978. Of 80 designs submitted, the entry of Architect Luis G. Guiang was selected. Other entries that garnered honourable mention were from Rev. Fr. Alfredo F. Loresco, O.P., Arsenio D. Abella, Oscarito A. Estremos, and Eusebio L. Abella, Jr. The winning design was immediately incorporated into the various official forms, documents and business card of the organization.

Designed by Architect Guiang, the typography and graphic elements of the UAP logo are reminiscent of the calligraphic strokes of the ancient Filipino baybayin script. The UAP logo encapsulates the UAP’s vision as a prime professional organization of architects and a cornerstone of professional, integrity, and excellence.

The “UAP” acronym, which stands for United Architects of the Philippines, has come to be synonymous with the organization and has been in use since it was formed in 1975, the year that also appear on the logo. The logo capitalizes on this strength, and allows the “UAP” acronym to take center stage. The use of a strong and clean font to present the “UAP” acronym demonstrates the important role UAP plays in ensuring that the organization remains vibrant and growing.

The organization’s complete name spread around the logo denotes a holistic perspective in decision-making and a willingness to try out new areas of growth to further strengthen and galvanize a professional approach to the economic, social, educational, and technological issues of the nation. The color blue depicts the corporate color of the organization as it gives a sense of corporate strength and dignity. The vibrant and lively red color corresponds to an openness and willingness to explore and nurture new areas of growth reinforcing the spirit of collaboration that UAP actively promotes among its members. It also radiates energy and confidence, capturing the essence of a progressive that is ready to meet global challenges.In sum, the new UAP logo has been crafted to reflect and represent the values that the word UNITED symbolizes. It reflects the pride we have in the UAP, and the opportunity to strengthen our identity for current and future professionals as we move forward.

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