UAP Singapore in Hair for Hope 2017

August 8, 2017


UAP Singapore supported the Hair for Hope 2017 is Children's Cancer Foundation's signature fundraising event - the only head-shaving event in Singapore that serves to raise funds and awareness of childhood cancer. We hope to encourage at least 6,500 participants to join our cause and raise $3.6 million to aid children and families impacted by cancer this year. 

There are 10 brave and handsome UAPS Shavee Pledgers who made their BALD and BOLD Statement to support the charity event for Children’s Cancer Foundation. We also got two young boys who volunteered to be part of the project for the reason of they want to give smile and support the sick children. According to Simon, 8 years old (Son of Ar. Joan & Zal Tabinas),

“I may not have money to share but my heart is ready to give anything that can make the kids smile.”

  1. Ar. Neil Sosa
  2. Elian Simon Tabinas
  3. Axel Railey Bautista
  4. Ar. Edmon Zabala
  5. Ar. Jorell Patricio
  6. Ar. Matt Sierra
  7. Ar. Sonny Managhaya
  8. Ar. Mark Lester Valignota
  9. Ar. Lloyd Peralta
  10. Ar. Pat Zurbano

In the middle of the main atrium of vivo city hundreds and hundreds, different races connected us one to support the charity event. We are one of the proudest organization who participated and carrying the flag not just of United Architects of the Philippines but proud as FILIPINOS as well. We may not have Big money to give but we have a BIG Heart to share to others.

They said that this charity is very valuable to the PSYCHOLOGICAL & SOCIAL EFFECTS

Stress & behavioural changes in children

Treatments can impact the physical, emotional and psychological well-being of the children. They may experience mood swings or confusion about their diagnosis and their parents’ reactions. It is important to spend time understanding their feelings and help them cope.

Disruption to school

Children have to stop school temporarily until the doctor gives the go-ahead. Parents need to consider positive ways to engage and keep the children occupied. It is useful to inform the school of the children’s conditions, maintain contact periodically and work with the schools to help with their reintegration after treatment.

Anxiety over long-term effects of illness and treatment

Some treatments may have long-term side effects on the children, and more information can be obtained from the doctors.

Impact on siblings

Siblings of children with cancer will experience a host of emotions as their daily routines and interactions are interrupted. They may also feel neglected as attention is focused on taking care of their sick sibling, resulting in a sense of isolation. It is important to involve siblings by explaining to them what is happening and discussing their concerns/questions.

“With a proud smile and unexplainable happiness I would like to congratulate the Outreach Team for making this event possible for UAPS. Hoping that next year there will be more and more participants who will make their BALD Statements and give more inspiration to many. This unpayable act of kindness is something to treasure in the history of our organization. Mabuhay ang Arkitektong Pilipino!!!”


Courtesy: Arch. Joan De Leon- Tabiunas, President




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