UIA announces World Architecture Day 2018 Poster Competition winners

July 12, 2018 | By: UIA

The International Union of Architects recently announced that Design ID No. 575 by Ana Rute Costa & Rúben Ferreira Duarte (Portugal) is the winner of the UIA World Architecture Day 2018 Poster Competition.

The jury, consisting of Michael Beirut (USA), Sulki & Min (South Korea) and Trix Barmettler (Switzerland), wrote: “We like the simple message – the earth as a home, cherished by the sun. It immediately makes us feel better.” Your poster, the jury stated, conveys the “simplest, most powerful message. The world is our home, we make our homes in the world, and architecture is the means which we mediate our inhabitation.” 

Evoking Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and a “magical hint,” the jury appreciated the childlike execution and narrative hand drawing, which “achieves the comforting effect with childlike painting.” For one juror, yours was the poster that made them think: “Oh, I wish I would have had that idea.” 

Meanwhile, Mattia Salvà won 2nd Place for his submission.

Regarding the design, the jury, consisting of Michael Bierut (USA), Sulki & Min (South Korea) and Trix Barmettler (Switzerland), wrote: “The poster draws attention with striking and simple forms often found in architecture.  The powerful colour yellow leaves an optimistic mark and goes well with message of the guiding principle. The forms and shapes allow for a lot of room for interpretation and provoke interest. The circle could be a sun, a head of a figure or is it a maze? The theme of the poster is easily recognizable and can be applied well to the various different media. Depending on the medium, the simple forms can take on different shapes and come to life. The clear typography helps to build stability and convey a clear statement.”

Mattia Salvà was born in 1991 in Rovigo, Italy. After graduating in communication design with a thesis on experimental publishing, he began his career in Milan. Now he works in Switzerland as a graphic designer. 

Regarding the design, the jury, consisting of Michael Bierut (USA), Sulki & Min (South Korea) and Trix Barmettler (Switzerland), wrote: “The stark composition depicts a simple view, a house under the sun. We like the stark, black-and-white composition, and how the short description of the design idea is included in the design itself.”

Reena L.'s submission was considered by the jury “one of the most accomplished executions” among the 184 designs.

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