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Negros Building and Construction Exposition (NBEX) 2017 Open...

Negros Building And Construction Exposition (NBEX) 2017

NAW Day 1 : Flag Raising Ceremony at UAP National Headquarte...

NAW Day 1 : Portrait of an Architect Exhibit at UAP National...

NAW Day 1 : Manosa Beyond Architecture: A Traveling Exhibit...

UAP Mt Kanlaon's Talk on Wild Life Architecture at SMX

QC Central presents Asian Practice of Filipino architects

Cagayan Valley Chapter holds CPD Seminar

UAP as DTI-CIAP's Outstanding APO 2017

A CPD Seminar on Design Build Services

UAP Singapore's "Straight to the Point"

UAPS Serving the Community

UAP Regional District B3 Assembly

UAP Negrense Photo Activities

District B3 Assembly

NEVP meeting with Executive Directors

50th EAROPH Regional Conference

Chartering of Camanava AB Bantayog Chapter

Marvalley holds Architectural Heritage Workshop & Lecture Se...

Marvalley Architects Tree Planting Activity

DAY 0 : UAP Joint Area Assembly 2017 Photos #jaa2017experien...

UAP Las Piñas Chapter Coastal Cleanup Drive

UAP COF Meeting

UAP Singapore and UAP Kuala Lumpur Chapters Joint Induction