NATCON 44 : Seminar Registration

March 23, 2018


Click here for seminar registration

We are pleased to announce the last stage in your official registration to the 44th UAP National Convention. Once you complete the seminar registration, the information will be downloaded to your permanent UAP RFID Card which will be used in all your future UAP transactions, including holding a record of all UAPaccredited seminars you have undertaken.

Please follow the instructions below.

1. Log on to the UAP Website:

2. Find your name in the final list of official registrants to the 44th UAP National Convention. Should you have any trouble finding your name, pleasecoordinate with Ms. Alma Valencia, Finance Officer, or Mr. Franco Santia, Membership Officer, of the UAP Secretariat. Proceed to the next steps if you are on the list.

3. Click the link to Seminar Registration.

4. Fill in the required username and password entries. Your username will be your PRC number while the default password will be sigasig44.

5. Once logged in, you will be required to replace the default password with your personal password to secure your account. Make sure you remember your password as only you can have access to your account.

6. You will be directed to the Profile page which includes your personal information. Do not forget to fill out your food preference as this will be our guide for your food during the National Convention. The only choices are Standard Viands and Halal. After completing the Profile page, you will now be directed to the Seminar Registration page. The seminar abstracts and speaker profiles can all be accessed there.

7. All delegates are automatically enlisted in all plenary seminars. As for the Diversified Technical Seminars (DTS) which are listed in the blue field, there are three (3) venues, each with different topics and seat accommodations. Please remember your choice. You can only attend one and, should you fail to attend your preferred DTS, you are considered absent. The RFID will also prevent you to access other venues.

As for the seminars which are listed in the red field, you have the option to remain in SMX and attend the plenary seminars, or join the Seminars on Site (SOS/Architectural Tours) which is a whole day activity.

The SOS/Tour is only open to 110 delegates which is the manageable size that can be accommodated in all venues. This is free of charge. However, once enlisted, you are reserved a slot and expected to participate. Should you renege on your enlistment to the SOS/Tour, you will be charged the amount of P1,000.00 which is the actual cost of your slot, not to mention displacing another delegate who wanted to join the SOS/Tour.

8. After completing the Seminar Registration you will be directed to your payment details and a confirmation page.

9. You can also print out your personal seminar schedule.

Thank you very much. We look forward to seeing you at the 44TH UAP National Convention.


For the copy of Memorandum Circular, click here