Latest Advisory from NATCON 44 Organizing Committee

April 7, 2018 | By: 44th UAP Natcon Orcom

Come April 11th-14th, we will be holding the 44th UAP National Convention at the SMX Convention Center, Seashell Drive, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City. As always, it is but prudent for all of us to make the necessary preparations for a smooth and orderly event, especially with 3,300 delegates this convention.


Please wear the proper attire:

  • Day 0: Color-coded Sports Attire for Arkilympics (see Arkilympics) Business Attire for Meetings
  • Day 1: Filipiniana for Opening Ceremony, Keynote CPE Seminar, and Honor Dinner
  • Day 2 : Business Attire for CPE Seminars, General Assembly & Business Meeting and Dinner
  • Day 3 : Business Attire for CPE Seminars; Casual wear for the Architecture Tour (Seminars on Site); Tropical/Hawaiian/Beach Casual attire for Fellowship Night, themed “Manila Baywatch: The Colors of Summer”




Upon arrival at the SMX Convention Center, proceed directly to the registration area at the second level:


  • Meeting Rooms 7-9 for Areas A and D
  • Meeting Rooms 4-6 for Areas B and C
  • Meeting Rooms 2-3 for National Board of Directors, College of Fellows, Persons with Disability, Senior Citizens (present SC ID).

DAYS 2 - 3

  • Meeting Rooms 2-3 for all Areas

We will observe the “embassy” style of registration where registrants are seated while waiting for their turn. A registration manager and some volunteers will be on hand to supervise the lines. A separate exit from the room will be used to prevent crowding at the entry lines.

Your convention kits will contain the following:




Dining tables are no longer color-coded to signify which Areas sit where. It is, therefore, the request of the Organizing Committee that, since this convention is a full house, delegates do not create breaks in the seating so as not to displace other delegates.

Surrender the appropriate meal stub to the waiter or volunteer at the start of the buffet line. Your participation in this effort will help future NatCons determine dining attendance and food ratio per meal per day.



Seminars will be held in different Function Rooms each day, depending on the type, whether plenary or satellite. Please follow the venue guide in the souvenir programme/workbook.

Access to the venues will be done through the RFID scanner, similar to the Octopus or EZ Link cards in Hong Kong or Singapore transports respectively. Just tap your RFID on the scanner and you are automatically registered to the seminar. This has been approved by the Professional Regulatory Board of Architecture (PRBoA).

However, as with any new technology introduced, and the RFID still on a test run during this convention, we are still keeping to the signed attendance sheet for backup. These will be under the care of the chapter presidents and should be surrendered to the OrCom as instructed.

While this method should hasten access to the halls, delegates are expected to line up for the seminars at least 30 minutes before the start of the seminar because of the large number of participants to be scanned and let in. There will be scanners at all access points. Should a delegate wish to exit the hall before minimum time (75%) is served, he will be required to tap out from the venue/seminar.

Snacks will be distributed upon entry. Free-flowing coffee will be available.



The Arkilympics will be held at the Quezon City Sports Club, E. Rodriguez, Sr. Avenue, Quezon City -- a mere 10 minutes from the UAP National Headquarters. Basketball, badminton, bowling and billiards will be played this year. Participants to the Arkilympics will have a special shuttle from the UAP HQ which will leave at exactly 7:30am.

Colored souvenir shirts (which correspond to the different Areas) and meal stubs will be distributed upon registration at the sports venues. Each Arkilympian must pay the participation fee of P300.00 upon registration at the venue.



This has been pre-registered online. The 110 participants to the whole-day land tour, entitled Seminars of Site, on Day 3, April 14, 2018, should be very conscientious of the time as the schedule is very tight. While the tour is free of charge, any pre-registered participant to the tour who fails to attend will be charged the amount of P1,000.00 to cover the cost of one seat.



Day 3’s main highlight is the much-anticipated Fellowship Night entitled “Manila Baywatch: The Colors of Summer.” Delegates are encouraged to wear Beach Casual / Island Chic (pastel-colored).




We encourage everyone to download on their mobile phones the UAP National App to access information about the 44th UAP National Convention. Once activated, you will be able to view the schedule of activities already uploaded there. A link will also direct you the Official UAP Website where news and updates about the convention will be

For information about the ConEx 2018, download AppGoGo on your mobile phone. Once logged on, you will be able to access the information uploaded there, including a list of exhibitors, their booth number, and their representative among others.

Please make it a habit to log on to keep abreast on the latest happenings. Again, we reiterate our request for the delegates to exercise their utmost patience and to stretch their kind understanding due to the sheer enormity of the convention. We want nothing but the ultimate success of this event.

Thank you very much and we look forward to having you on the 44TH UAP National Convention.

Note: Only registered delegates are allowed entry into the function rooms where main events, the seminars and dining are held. Non-delegates, family members who are not architects and/or registered delegates, especially children are not allowed inside the convention venues.

Download for the PDF file of this advisory, click here