Hisancha sworn in for second term as UAP National President

July 3, 2017


UAP National President, Arch. Guillermo H. Hisancha has been officially sworn in for a second term, one for which he has mapped out an agenda to: UNITE all Filipino Architects regardless of differing opinions or divergence of interests, PRIORITIZE THE MEMBER FIRST including protection of his or her professional rights in every means possible and LEAD in keeping professional excellence to its finest in deed and not in words only, putting into motion positive ideas and shun lip service.

National President Hisancha took his oath of office administered by UIA Vice President and PRC Commissioner, Hon. Yolanda David Reyes at the Maynila Ballroom, Manila Hotel.

In his inaugural address, Arch. Hisancha expressed his gratitude for the warm welcome that the entire UAP community has for the second time around extended to him, as he said that

"Mindful of the contributions of all who have gone before in the service of the UAP, conscious of the new demands upon and new opportunities for the UAP in the days ahead, sensible to the expectations of my colleagues, appreciative of the honor conferred by the general membership, in humble spirit and with complete dedication to the vision and  mission of the UAP as the IAPOA, I accept the charge which you the general membership has given, and I publicly receive this symbol of the duties and responsibilities which, without reservation, I have undertaken as President of the UAP."


Excerpts from NP Hisancha`s inaugural address:


I want to assure everyone that through this victory, my vision of the ideals of UAP:  “Unity + Accountability + Professional Excellence” is continued without falter and done with utmost valor.

It is CONTINUANCE that I see as a flow for UAP, a simple word but of great gravity, as it pertains to perpetuating the chosen ideals of “Unity + Accountability + Professional Excellence” that I had expounded on my first term and lived and breathed on my actions and initiatives for the fiscal year. These are not mere promises that I had made but direct actions made to honor the words I uttered a good year ago on my first term of office.

As of Fiscal Year 2016-2017, the number of good standing registered and licensed architects has more than 18,000. A sign that shows our organization is STABLE, ENDURING and FEARLESS in its pursuit of professional triumph. OUR ORGANIZATION IS STABLE AND RESILIENT; THESE STRONG QUALITIES WILL ALWAYS LEAD US TO VICTORY!

UNITY and COLLABORATION are two of the major heralds of my actions. Unity is of utmost importance, because simply that no matter what happens, whatever our differences, whatever our leanings and allegiances, we will face similar issues together, whether positive or negative, for we are all ARCHITECTS bound by our profession. So I call on to your kind hearts to foster a new era of UNITY amongst our fellow architects that we may raise above all pettiness and caprice.

COLLABORATION is of vast importance. In our recent dealings with PICE, we have offered the right hand of peace and cooperation which opened more doors of opportunities for all of us. In recent months, the PICE National President and her officers had graced our important organizational occasions such as the UAP Founding Anniversary and NatCon 43. The new amity between UAP and PICE is a breath of fresh air after decades of continuous professional rivalry. I pray we will hurdle most professional challenges with PICE in a cordial and balanced manner. I am doing all efforts to continue this harmonious coexistence so that both organizations can heal the wounds of professional conflict and enter the beginnings of golden friendship for both professionally allied organizations.

In my quest for COLLABORATION, I had involved some of our leaders to be empowered in participating on decision making regarding important flagship activities, thus their participation is crucial in bringing forth  the decentralizing of duties and sharing responsibilities with our competent local leaders. Programs had also been fostered to build the prestige of our organizations as the IAPOA. Special Committees such as Committee on Addressing Gaps to build Resiliency, UAP Design Build Services Committee and UAP Committee on Architects Unification were established as part of my plan to tackle breaches in the organizational engagements.

With renewed vigor, UAP had petitioned the Professional Regulation Commission to exercise it intermediary role to define roles of architects, civil engineers, interior designers and other different allied professions to avoid intersecting functions. We are still ongoing with our campaign for the full implementation of RA 9266 at LGU level, particularly sending correspondences to key National Government officials for RA 9266 execution.

Of important note is the approval of the Architects’ Guidelines of Standards of Professional Practice& Architect’s Guidelines for SPP Compliances by the PRBOA thru the able assistance of none other than the PRC Board of Architecture Chairman Robert Sac. With this Compendium, architects will now have concrete parameters on just professional payment and fee schedules, a veritable guideline to standardize the compensation range of architects in direct relation to value of services rendered. The guideline is now on its way to printing and distribution for all concerned so that it shall be utilized as soon as possible.

This is a time of renewed ties with a lot of organizations including the Philippine Councilor’s League, the Supreme Court, Nippon Paints, Metrobank Foundation, World Health Organization, Department of Trade and Industry, ARCHCARE, Bureau of Fire Protection, Power build Neaten, World Bank. On some entities we have entered Memorandums of Agreement, proof that we are trustworthy partners in a lot of initiatives. UAP have strengthened and improved ties with these organizations as part of programs to reach out and cooperate with bodies that have impact and relation to architecture and architects. Our efforts not only foster friendship but also add prestige to our beloved organization.

On International efforts, we had attended ARCASIA’s 17th Asian Congress at Hong Kong. I also attended 7th APEC Architect Central Meeting in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as part of international engagements to strengthen ties with APEC. We had also participated in meetings with EAROPH and ASEAN –Japan Regional Seminar. With the UIA, I served as Keynote Speaker for the Region IV Meeting with Emergency Disaster Health Care Facilities Competition as my topic. This theme is of significance to the region as we are located in some of the most disaster prone areas in world wherein tsunamis, cyclones, typhoons, landslides, floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and other manmade disasters are the staple occurrence that we must all survive, the timely discussion of emergency shelters is our contribution to the betterment of lives of those affected by disasters, a suitable way to uplift and save the lives of others.

Initiatives of importance include having former Ms. Universe runner up and Architecture Board topnotcher Ar Shamcey Supsup-Lee as UAP’s spokesperson and Ambassadress of Goodwill.

At NatCon 43, the long awaited UAP Membership Benefit Card was launched, a technology that bring architects to the 21st century, a card that brings discounts to purchases of needed products and services to members in good standing.  The year had been astounding in terms of successes.

Ushering in a new epoch, this year brings Nine (9) New Chapters to the UAP Fold, including the following:

Area A

1.   UAP Clark Chapter,

2.   UAP Malolos Republika Chapter and

3.   UAP Oman Chapter of Area A.

Area B includes:

1.   UAP Mindoro Chapter, and

2.   UAP Lipa Chapter.

For Area C we have:

1.   UAP Metro Cebu Chapter and

2.   UAP Cebu Fort san Pedro Chapter.

Areas D have:

1.   UAP Balladaw Davao Chapter and lastly

2.   UAP CDO Bay Area Chapter.

A milestone in achievements made through the efforts of UAP Chapters and its officers and members.

A lot can be said of the concluding fiscal year, we had successfully celebrated 2016 World Architecture Day, National Architecture Week,  the Joint Area Assembly was a resounding success in Iloilo, Bayanihang Arkitektura initiated community living enhancing CSR Projects in Nagcarlan, Laguna, and the First Architects in Government Assembly coupled with the historical First ASEAN Architects Congress in the Philippines. UAP is riding with this multitude of blessings and triumphs, pioneers through and through.

Notable exemplary performances by various Commissions and Special Committees such as the Commissions on Education, Internal Affairs, Professional Practice , Professional Development, Sentro Arkitekturang Filipino and Convention, Assemblies and Exhibits not only met but exceeded their targets and performance.

Of course, let us not forget the commendable performance of duties of all our UAP Areas, Districts and Chapters. All your hard work is a merit of your total commitment and concern for UAP; I salute everyone for their diligence, responsibility and sincere interest in accomplishing all tasks and activities.

To my newly elected and appointed officers of the administration, I encourage you to be creative, resourceful, diligent, patient and generous, for our great organization depends on your willingness to work with resolve and zeal, qualities that we all have but must be polished to perfection to bring out the best in all of us, not only personally but for the organization importantly.

I am honored by all of your contributions for the organization, yet we will journey again for another year, another road is ahead of us. Doomsayers describe the year ahead as is littered with legal obstacles, dark clouds of brewing professional storms, thorny interests, and mental barricades.

Yet I am in good spirits in spite of predictions that otherwise say so, as in my heart I knew your support will be there for all our struggles.

I am filled with positivity that our efforts will meet success, a just repayment for our combined efforts.

We are architects, we build, we create, we change our surroundings, we make society develop, and we are catalysts of change.

We are purveyors of scientific knowledge and artistic embellishments, with this potent combination creates a balance which will translate to our work, to our profession.

Again, I sincerely and humbly request all to adhere to esprit de corps. Let us have a feeling of honest pride, genuine fellowship, and common loyalty shared by the love of the craft, and of the organization.

Teamwork, I cannot overemphasize the importance of this in our organization, as all this is in the soul of what we do, it is the nucleus of our success, the center of our togetherness, for thru teamwork, we can achieve greater things.

In retrospect, our commitment to continue the vision that I have set our sights upon will be the vision that I hope be pledged upon by all members.

We must maintain excellence, we need to be resilient in trying times, we must always be stalwarts of architecture and last of all our loyalty need not be fleeting but always inherent, in all our actions, in all our hearts and minds, we are united under the noble banner of the United Architects of the Philippines.

Together, we keep our direction towards that empowered horizon. Our journey is just beginning.

And we already have so much going for us.

So let us aim high. Let us have the courage and foresight to envision the ideal that should shape our actions here in the UAP.

For the Fiscal Year 2017-2018, let uss consider our highest hopes and ambitions for this great organization. Let us consider the limitless potential the future holds for this organization.

Our mandate, our obligation and responsibility as the elected officers is the relentless pursuit of that dream.

My work, our work, on behalf of the general membership is far from done - indeed, so long as opportunities exist to better the whole UAP-IAPOA community, our work is never done.

And as we proved so well for the past Fiscal Year, when we work together there is virtually nothing we cannot achieve.

So now, let us build on that momentum. I want to ask our co-workers in the National Board to work with me to focus on the future of the UAP.  It is now my opportunity to turn our energy to the agenda that we choose as leaders of this great institution. I ask our District and Chapter leaders to devote much of the next fiscal year to continue to our commitment to the General Membership – that is UNITY + ACCOUNTABILITY + PROFESSIONAL EXCELLENCE. That will serve as our continuing slogan for the coming fiscal year.

Let us have the foresight and vision to position our local leaders to soar to new heights of success and prosperity. I task our Area Vice Presidents to translate these dreams into reality working synergistically with your respective District Director.

Let us act today to ensure that Filipino architects have what it takes to compete and thrive in the emerging age of innovation and creativity. I enjoin our Executive Directors to establish systems allowing architects with different specialized skills and expertise to network and enhance their capabilities.

In closing, I look forward to the continued support of the entire UAP community to maintain the landmark momentum we have achieved in the past fiscal year and may the next fiscal year be luminous and spark everlasting hope for each and every one of us to hold in our hearts and for our fellow architects.

I would like so much for us to succeed in ensuring that respect, tolerance and sharing.  Remember, it is not enough just to identify problems -- we must work together to solve them.





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