UAP Strategic Plans and Programs

Message from the Office of the National President to the Area Vice Presidents, District Directors and Chapter Presidents

Herewith is the document entitled UAP PLANS AND PROGRAMS, FY 2017-2018. As can be gleaned from the title, it contains the programs that this administration envisions to implement during its term of office, which where formulated during the UAP Corporate Planning Workshop held last June 2, 2017 at the UAP National Headquarters, and refined and validated by our National Executive Vice President, Arch. Benjamin K. Panganiban, Jr. in coordination with our Secretary General Renato A. Heray.

The UAP Planning Workshop attended by incoming Executive Directors and chairs and heads of various standing and special committees and ad-hoc groups, provided a venue for the expression of visions, view, recommendations and plans of action by key officers representative of the cross-section of the general membership. Thus we would like to think of this document as OUR collective plan for the year.

As such, we would like to encourage you to use and adopt this document as a reference and as a source of ideas in the formulation of your own programs and projects, at whatever level you are working in – area or district level.

In this page , you will find a “road map” for achieving our Plan’s goals. Just like any road map, the experience of the journey can neither be completely imagined nor understood until we actually begin our trip. While our destination will remain constant, the exact path we travel; the unknown factors and ever-changing environment which we will encounter; the friends – old and new – whom we will meet along the way; will all be factors in the ultimate success of our Plan.

If you do, we will all be in accord in our prioritizations, thrusts and concerns based on the UAP 10-Year Long Range Plan and we can thus say that this year under our corporate theme, UNITY + ACCOUNTABILITY + PROFESSIONAL EXCELLENCE, the UAP is pulsating as one unified body.


Continuity with much greater intensity, one that builds on the achievement of the vibrant present and one that must not let beneficial opportunities for the promotion and advancement of the profession slip through its fingers.




OBJECTIVE: Working together to achieve common goals through selflessness, collaboration, trust, and mutual support.


  1. Establish unity among all registered and licensed architects (RLArs such as those in the public/private employment sub-sector, self-employed/ employers, OFWs, allied architecture professions, construction sector, other associations of architects/OAAs, etc.) and key stakeholders (architectural organizations, sub-professional, academe, etc.)
  2. Create a unity of purpose and sustainable partnerships among allied professionals
  3. Collaborate with private and public sectors, including foreign-based professional organizations




Objective: Accepting professional responsibility for our performance in all of our decisions and actions.

1. Program on Governance

a. Continuously work on the full implementation of RA 9266 and its IRR

b. Continuously work on the drafting and promulgation of the Architectural Code of the Philippines (ACP) and other draft executive issuances that shall further and proactively promote the role and importance of RLArs in the many aspects of daily life

c. Vigilance relating to other professional regulatory laws (PRLs), proposed legislation, and executive issuances that may adversely affect the practice of architecture

d. Institute effective governance within the organization pursuant to the UAP Bylaws

e. Institute programs and mechanism on financial transparency and reporting

f. Ensure adherence to corporate governance principles and best practices, including secretariat support

 2. Program on Membership

a. Increase membership by bringing back to the fold all inactive members

b. Promote advantages of APEC and ASEAN Architects and encourage accreditation among Members

c. Institute awards and recognition of exemplary performances of members and chapters

d. Involve UAP members from the provinces and abroad to take active role in the national leadership (i.e. standing, special/ ad hoc committees, etc.)

e. Institute welfare program for Filipino architects particularly to OFWs.

3. Program on Organization

a. Institutionalize UAP Regional Offices

b. Embed corporate social responsibility initiatives and activities in all levels of the organization

c. Project that UAP is a respected professional organization, a vanguard and defender for Filipino Architects/RLAs and a tower of strength for the architectural profession

d. Maintain and reinforce the UAP as communication center for all types of data and information needs of members thru the use of modern technology




Objective: Providing effective, efficient, and diligent service through our commitment to culture of professional excellence.


  1. Provide sufficient amount of quality CPD seminars and learning modules for the architects' continuing professional growth and development, including the use of modern technology (seminar online)
  2. Institutionalize and strengthen scholarship grants to qualified members
  3. Advertise and campaign for the public understanding and appreciation of the importance of architectural services
  4. Work for a significant and influential position for architects at various levels of the government